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Aiden Andrews, Janis Ancens, & Danny Beauchamp
MEN’S CLUB October 2013Ph. Yoshiyuki NagatomoSt. Masahide TakeuchiHM. TAKESHI


I’m a fucking goddess yo

feels good to like myself right now 

Semih Metin Demirkan by Can Büyükkalkan
Anonymous: Un-believ-able. I always forget how godforsaken dumb people can Un-believ-able. I'l never be amazed about how godforsaken stupid people can be. You already know it but: fuck them. Obviously they don't have something like a life and you have zero fucks to give--thanks for that, btw. I know it sounds strange, but I gained much more confidence since I follow your tumblr. So, from the bottom of my heart: each time your divine face (and body) appears on my dash I'm thankful and joyous. <3

You’re really sweet anon! <3


Anonymous: Hello from Philadelphia! I just want to say how much I love (adore!) your blog & that I think you have a fantastically developed sense of style. You are an inspiration to me <3

Anonymous: i'm a guy, and who gives a shit about previous anon's opinions?

I don’t care that was just such a perfect turn of events ya know? 

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